Tourism, recreation,
and spatial engineering

Our strengths +++

Sustainable local solutions

Tourism development projects must create the right conditions for economic development, strengthen or maintain social ties, and preserve natural resources.

Specific, original, assessable solutions

There are as many answers as there are places, projects, and players.  The search for truly new solutions is part of our corporate culture.

Solutions developed with you

Our work is carried out in line with a culture of partnership and the joint development of solutions for sustainable projects.  Our recommendations stem from what we see on the ground!

Unique tools

TRACES TPi has developed two software packages, Randocount® and Randaudit®, to analyse and manage green mobility routes.  We also have a fleet of Eco-counter® field counters.

Working in conjunction with various universities, notably through research contracts, TRACES TPi develops innovative methodologies, for example, for measuring a scheme’s economic impact and analysing the quality performance of tourist destinations.