TRACES TPi, a tourism consultancy and cre@tive agency

TRACES TPi is a group composed of two complementary structures, TRACES TPi Belgium and TRACES TPi France.  These are tourism engineering and graphic design offices specialised in highlighting natural and cultural assets and developing routes for tourists on the move.

TRACES TPi BELGIUM is a joint-stock company (“S.A.”) managed by Dominique NISET.  It has developed a sophisticated approach to design, graphics, and heritage interpretation that it applies to Belgium and northern Europe.  It is based in Flavion, Belgium.

TRACES TPi FRANCE is a limited liability company (“S.A.R.L.”) managed jointly by Julien FARAMA and Dominique NISET and active throughout France.  It uses a specialised approach to studies, tourism diagnosis, and putting hiking and biking trails in place.  Its registered headquarters are in Tournus (Saône-et-Loire Dept., France), and it relies on two regional agencies that cover north-eastern and south-western France.

The two companies work hand in glove, pooling their expertise, experience, and technical resources to give all their clients operational, customised services.  If necessary, they can call upon a network of specialised partners (technical experts, lawyers, landscape architects, etc.) to meet each area’s specific needs optimally.

TRACES TPi gets support from the Walloon export and foreign investment agency AWEX enabling it to use communication tools on a par with its international activity (in Slovenia, Morocco, and elsewhere).

TRACES TPi has signed the ICT professional ethics charter “eTIC”, which may be consulted at the following address: It is registered under number 551.

In signing the eTIC charter we have committed ourselves to a voluntary approach that we shall not fail to explain to you.